5th International Conference On

Internet of Things: Smart Innovation and Usages
(IoT-SIU 2020)

September 17-19, 2020 / Rabat, Morocco

University Mohammed V in Rabat, Morocco

The history of education superior in Morocco dates back to the creation of the first institute of research higher during the protectorate , in 1920: the Institute Scientific Chérifien , which will become later the Institute Scientific . Paradoxically , the first research conducted in Morocco in the context of what this Institute , Well before the Sciences human and social , have focused primarily on disciplines scientists such as the biology , the chemistry , physics, geology , oceanography and anthropology …

The same year was then seen to build the Institute of High Studies Moroccan ( IHEM ) whose mission was to promote and to spread the knowledge of languages Arabic and Berber , of geography , of history , of ethnography and of Moroccan civilization . The ancestor of the Faculty ofLettres et Sciences Humaines was born .

Much later , in 1953, the Center for Higher Scientific Studies was inaugurated which would become the first Faculty of Sciences in Morocco .

These three institutions have thus made up the ground and the cradle to the base of the building of the first university modern of Morocco . It is thus that in 1957 at the dawn of independence of the country, and in a spirit of modernization and emancipation of the nation, was born the University Mohammed V . Since then ,it assumes the challenge of forming the first frames of Morocco independent and propel the development economic and social country. This institution has now largely justified its reputation by accumulating over a half century of experience in which have been formed of high personalities of the state in all major fieldsdisciplines : Letters and Human Sciences, Legal , Economic and Social Sciences, Exact Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Medical Sciences .

In addition , in both as dean of universities modern Moroccan and in the context of the political national of regionalization and decentralization of institutions of education superior , it has initiated the creation and supervision of many other universities in different regions of Morocco increating several centers , first in Casablanca and Fez , became later the universities independent .

Over the years , the university has gradually enriched its faculty and has seen the number of its students increase considerably. This ever-increasing influx of graduates required the university split in two in 1992: the University Mohammed V-Agdal and the University Mohammed V-Souissi. This long-disputed and criticized burst generated two universities which were incomplete in disciplinary terms and which, since then , have operated with their backs turned. This fact put an end to the harmony which reigned within the single university and disturbed the synergy which united the teachers of the differentestablishments by isolating the medical sciences within the Mohammed V-Souissi University which, in fact, was cut off from the disciplines of Legal , Economic and Social Sciences, Exact Sciences and Engineering Sciences. In front of a university also dislocated landscape, and to respond to the growing demand of students, the University Mohammed V-Souissi subsequently responded by creating an engineering school and two Faculties of Science Legal , Economic and Social one to Rabat and the other toDirty. Other establishments were then created on both sides within the two universities , the most recent of which are the IEHL which dates back to 2002 and the annex to the UM5A in Abu Dhabi. The ENS and ENSET, which existed since the 80s, have respectively built Universities Mohammed V Souissi and Agdal in 2010 and 2011.

Twelve years later , international competitiveness requires, the two universities finally reconnect with their common past by establishing the merger.